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How to Stand Out in Property Development as a Newcomer

What can a new developer do to show prospective customers they can be trusted?




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How to Stand Out in Property Development as a Newcomer

Written by Roxanne Millar, General Manager, Bastion Effect

Within the property market there is an inherent level of cynicism and skepticism. Developers say a lot, but how many of their promises do they deliver on, and how well?

It’s an important question that more and more developers are being asked as market forces start to tip more in favour of owner occupiers and local purchasers.

In the large downsizer demographic, it is one of the most important questions a buyer will ask. These purchasers are buying a home to live out their golden years in. They don’t want to have to move again, so getting what has been promised is essential.

This is where trust becomes the currency of the day.

While established property brands can leverage testimonials from past purchasers that build trust and show proof of delivery, what is a new developer to do to show they can be trusted?

1. Build your brand

A clear identity and purpose in market is essential to ensure you stand out. Purchasers have so much choice – they want to know what makes you different from the guy down the road. Don’t underestimate the value of working with a professional to create a clear visual style and brand that differentiates you from competitors and drives awareness in market.

2. Know your story

Once you have your clear brand identity it’s time to get your story straight. Buyers want to know how you came to be, how you’re different and why they should consider you. Building a corporate narrative that you, your sales agents, and everyone on your team can rattle off in under 60 seconds is essential.

3. Be real

Don’t hide behind those charismatic sales agents in their lovely blue suits, you need to have a face. We don’t need to see it all the time, but we do need to see it. In The New Global Marketing by Brookes & Palmer, the authors talk about ‘the moment of truth’ in a service encounter and demonstrate it is “people, not faceless companies” who make the difference in any transaction.

4. Be discoverable

Google is a verb these days, not just a search engine. That means you need a digital footprint and you need to be able to be found online. Invest in SEO & SEM – as much as you can tell yourself being on the second page of results is fine, it isn’t when someone is laying down $1 million. Audiences find their trust in different places – downsizers are influenced by the Australian Financial Review, while first home buyers are more social media and lifestyle focused. A good strategy for a new developer should ensure the company has a media profile so that any Google search pulls up a story by the Fin Review on the company.

5. Share your story

Keep your customers and prospects informed and engaged throughout the different stages of the development. Develop a content strategy that keeps news and milestones top of mind and ensures they are shared in the right tone of voice with your key audiences across both traditional media channels and social platforms.

For developers onto their second project, testimonials and media coverage that demonstrate proof of delivery go a long way. Invest in beautiful styling and photography to show off all that hard work.

There is a reason Cbus Property, Piccolo and Neometro are talked about in terms of delivery – not only do they deliver amazing projects, they also invest in solid PR once they’re done so everyone knows about it.

It’s like that old saying, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? Be heard.



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