Getting your communications shovel-ready

Tips for companies eyeing shovel-ready government approved projects.





Getting your communications shovel-ready

In a bid to get the economy moving again state governments are smashing through approvals for shovel-ready projects across the nation – from schools and roads to solar farms.

Some say that governments are hoping to push through seven years worth of projects in just 12 months, while others are saying it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ‘build the nation’.

For those firms vying for these projects it is important to demonstrate a number of critical factors including a ready-to-go workforce, proven track record of delivery, best-in-class capabilities, a low-risk, value for money approach and a strong focus on corporate responsibility.

Undoubtedly competition will be strong as many strive to secure contracts, so it’s important to get your communications shovel-ready to ensure you stand out and have a clearly articulated position to government and stakeholders that demonstrates why you are a safe set of hands and how you will outperform your competition.

Build a clear corporate narrative

Your corporate narrative is basically your company story – what do you do, why do you do it and what makes you better than anyone else. Importantly it is distinct, memorable and reflects your company values. It’s important this narrative is understood and adopted at all levels of your organisation, so that it can be communicated consistently – and with authenticity – both internally and externally.

When building a corporate narrative you need to consider your overarching proposition and the pillars and proof points that underpin it. This will allow you to develop a narrative that stands the test of time and can be flexed to apply to a range of situations. Think of it as the backbone or foundation of your communications – it’s hard to build a strong building (or story) when you start on sand.

Optimise your presence

Your external communication touchpoints are the first place people go when considering working with you or working for you.

Your website should be fully optimised and bring to life your corporate narrative. You should also consider having a news or blog section on there to showcase company innovation, success and results. When regularly updated with timely, compelling content, this archive will help your SEO ensuring you stand out in Google searches.

Similarly, your socials should clearly communicate and reflect your company position and values. Each channel must have a purpose and be updated regularly, rather than be used as a place to dump pics when someone in the team remembers. LinkedIn, for example, is the place to share thought leadership content that positions you as an exemplar in your field. Social media is also a great place to bring to life the talent in your business and can really help with recruitment.

Demonstrate expertise and experience

Being able to tell someone why your company is better than a competitor is important, but what is essential in that story is the proof to back up what you’re saying. This is where creating a trove of great case studies is key – these might live on your website, be formatted for easy insertion into tender documents and even showcased on your socials.

Importantly, this track record is critical to promote along with your corporate story at a time like this. Companies vying for government tenders need to be positioning themselves as trusted future partners, great corporate citizens and true innovators. It is where focused and smart media relations campaigns can help to attach credibility to your story and build awareness, while social media can back this up and increase your reach (coupled with smart targeting this could help your key stakeholders see your message more). So, as you get your company shovel-ready, remember to follow these key steps to ensure your communications are primed for the green light too.



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