Using social media to demonstrate the importance of an essential rescue service.



Part of the large-scale global logistics company Toll Group, Toll Ambulance Rescue provides helicopter rescue services in partnership with NSW Ambulance. To demonstrate their importance and expertise as NSW Ambulance’s partner, we strategically repositioned their social communications to drive awareness, community support and further positive sentiment.



After conducting a comprehensive audit of Toll Ambulance Rescue’s (TAR) competitors, we determined the brand needed a new edge and a new social approach that would connect with the hearts and minds of the target audience – the NSW community.

The key differentiator was simple – make the content about ‘the people’. Instead of talking about TAR’s biggest achievements and updating the audience with the number of missions, we placed ‘people’ at the centre of our social storytelling.

We shared human stories of team members, we crafted user generated content (thank you messages and photos of the helicopters that were captured by the community and fans) and most importantly, we engaged with the audience instead of having a one-way conversation with them. 

On the creative side, we were able to channel the authenticity and humanisation of the brand through real-life photography.

To build on the content strategy and community management, we encouraged the audience to get in touch with us more and to tag us, allowing the brand to build a personable relationship with every member. Because in today’s world, dialogue is often the missing link between brands and people. People want to have their opinions and their voices heard. And in this case, their experiences shared. And social media is the perfect earned and shared media channel to provide that platform.

Concurrently, we also manage ACE Training Centre, which is the training facility and service that TAR provides. Our role in social is to promote the excellence and quality of the program, supported and underpinned by the success stories that are globally-recognised. With a strategic combination of SEM and paid social, we have seen a healthy and continuous pipeline of leads through to conversions (qualified leads who make online enquiries about the courses, followed by offline conversion).



Conversion for the ACE Training Centre is one of our key metrics and we’re proud to say that is higher than ever (if you want to know exact, drop us a line), while our social media reach is a mega 6.5 million and engagement 167,000 and counting. Over 12 months impressions are sitting at 12.8 million.


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