Creating a movement to deepen kikki.K’s relationship with fans.



kikki.K knew it needed to build something bigger and more meaningful behind the brand – a movement for its consumers to believe in. The team came to Bastion Effect at the commencement of this journey, seeking a PR partner that could help them craft and spread their powerful brand and product messages across the world. 



During our two years as kikki.K’s PR partner, we helped build the brand’s PR strategy to successfully launch founder Kristina Karlsson’s Dream Life movement and book to the world – as well as her mission to inspire 101 million people to start dreaming.

A planned and strategic calendar of campaign activity also ensured we leveraged and marketed hero product ranges and collaborations (such as their product collab with Dr Tererai Trent, Oprah’s all-time favourite guest) – generating extensive media and influencer coverage. 

We also facilitated the development of a large-scale influencer and ambassador program for kikki.K, setting up the business case and strategy as to why the team needed to invest and shift their marketing focus to this area. 

In our time working with the brand we generated more than 800 pieces of coverage and more than 180 posts by influencers – all reaching over 200 million.


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