Working with the amazing Robert Ballard and National Geographic.



Expedition Amelia, the latest documentary produced by National Geographic, features Dr. Robert Ballard on an ambitious expedition to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

Ballard and his team follow the clues that led them to a remote island in the Pacific in search of evidence of Earhart’s crash. What do they find? You’ll have to tune in!



Bastion Effect has been working with National Geographic for some time to drive mass awareness of their thought provoking and honestly fascinating productions (we’re not at all biased!).

The goal has been to bring these to the mainstream and tap into the Australian spirit of adventure and exploration.

But in a competitive media environment, where media houses want to promote the productions they fund and make money off, it’s not a total walk in the park. More like a tough hike with a large backpack. But we’re a sprightly bunch and love an adventure!

Our strategy has been focused on leveraging some pretty incredible spokespeople and pitching them as commentators on a range of topical subjects, providing a forum for them to link their production and National Geographic to the news agenda – bringing their work to a broad audience and creating a larger viewer-base.



We can’t reveal if Ballard found Earhart’s wreckage, but we can tell you we got on the Today Show! Our strategy secured a broad range of editorial coverage across print, online, radio, podcasts and TV including the Today Show on both Saturday and Sunday! There were more than 33 media hits including getting syndicated runs across NewsCorp.


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