Turning on an icon for one day only to improve understanding.



As part of its transformation of the iconic Nylex site into a vibrant mixed-use precinct, Caydon was embarking on shuttering the Cremorne site’s eye-catching silos and removing the Nylex and VB signs for restoration.

Wanting to keep the community informed and updated, Caydon asked Bastion Effect for help in clarifying to Melburnians its vision for the site and how it could communicate key construction milestones.



With the site off limits for many years and a refresh of the scheme in play, we needed to re-engage media and stakeholders in the project to re-establish relationships and provide clarity as to what The Malt District would encompass when completed.

We started by defining the project’s story, mapping out key narratives and messages, forecasting potential issues and identifying opportunities to re-engage Melbourne in the rebirth of this icon.

This led us to our first piece of public activity – taking the revitalised Malt District story to media via a site tour ahead of the silos being covered in scaffolding.

The tour included an overview of the revised masterplan, a walking tour of significant heritage structures and a discussion of proposed future uses, including exciting plans for a new hotel.

The site tour also featured exclusive access to the top of the historic silos where the group was able to take in spectacular views and witness the ‘turning on’ of the iconic Nylex Clock one last time before it was removed for refurbishment.



By bringing media in (rather than keeping them at arms-length) and providing special access to this unique site, we were able to generate strong coverage (22 pieces in fact) and develop relationships for the project with media including (click the link to view the coverage):

The positive, factual nature of the coverage contributed to a more accurate understanding of Caydon’s plans for the site among the local community, as well as prospective commercial tenants and apartment purchasers.


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